About Us

Since inception Kredent management has been very sensitive towards using technology in increasing the productivity. The business sense of technology comes naturally to them and they have invested in various ventures which are tech oriented. Currently the investments are in the domain of financial technologies, EduTech and data analytics & visualisations. There are various associates with various skills set who are associated with the group for independent technology ventures.


StockEdge is an application based on the Indian Stock Markets, that helps in analysing the markets. It is intended to be a decision support and idea generation tool for an individual.

XBRL ULTIMA is a tool that helps Indian Companies to convert their Annual Reports into the XBRL Format, that is, for reporting business information like financial statements in a machine readable format. is a young vibrant company established with the vision of taking online financial education to a new level by spreading financial literacy across the globe. was established with the vision of teaching then options in a detailed manner with the help of interactive activities.


"To become one of the most valuable facilitator for technology adaptation by empowering technepreneurs through capital, strategies and infrastructures."

Contact Person

Vinay Pagaria
Director, KPTech Solutions

Vineet Patawari
Director, Kredent InfoEdge Pvt Ltd (formerly Kredent EduEdge Pvt Ltd)